Laser vs Osseous Surgery

Many people suffer from periodontal disease yet only a small fraction of them actually seek treatment. This is partly because periodontal disease is not noticeable until it has taken a severe toll on your gum health. This can be dangerous. Maintaining proper gum health is important because without it, you risk damaging or possibly losing your teeth. Even worse, if you do not receive laser gum treatment, your bleeding gums in Nashville, TN can lead to more serious issues. These include heart disease, diabetes and pancreatic cancer, among others.

The following symptoms are often found to accompany periodontal disease:

Bleeding gums in Nashville, TN
Receding gum lines – If you notice a receding gum line or that your teeth appear longer than they used to, you might benefit from laser gum surgery.

Increased sensitivity – If your gums constantly bleed while brushing and flossing, this is a sign of poor gum health.

Inflammation – Inflammation or swelling of the gums is a common symptom.

Loose teeth – Periodontal disease can result in teeth becoming loose and shifting in position.

Bad breath – If you notice persistent bad breath or a constant bad taste in your mouth, you might be suffering from periodontal disease.

Until now, the only treatments for periodontal disease included surgeries that included cutting the gums. Laser gum surgery is revolutionary. With laser gum treatment in Nashville, TN there is no cutting or stitching involved. New laser technology is able to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue so that only unhealthy tissue is removed. Patients of laser gum surgery experience a dramatic increase in their gum health with very few unpleasant side effects.

Laser Gum Treatment in Nashville, TN is on the cutting edge of technology. We are often able to save teeth that would have needed extraction with traditional methods. Not everyone is a candidate for laser gum treatment, and a consultation should be scheduled with Nashville Periodontal Group to discover if you qualify for laser gum treatment in Nashville, TN.


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