Many patients are silently suffering from an unfortunate condition that is commonly ignored - gum disease. Not confronting this health issue may have a detrimental effect on your body, especially if you already suffer from other chronic health conditions. Dr. Will Akin is a top periodontist in Nashville, TN who focuses on educating patients about keeping their gums healthy. Neglecting your gums could lead to discomfort and tenderness, which are the beginning signs of periodontal disease. This May, during American Stroke Awareness Month, you can start taking steps to avoid some health complications by taking better care of your gums.


Research has shown a link between gum problems and the risk of stroke. A stroke is a vascular inflammation event that has the potential to be deadly. Periodontal disease is also a condition that is characterized by inflammation. Swollen, inflamed gums can lead to infections which could impact someone’s risk of having a stroke.

Heart Disease

Gum disease may also be connected to heart disease or high blood pressure. Scientists are still not ready to definitely say periodontal disease causes heart disease, but there are many instances of patients who suffer from both. Untreated gum issues could negatively impact your heart health by adding more toxins to your bloodstream.


Diabetic patients may also be at an increased risk of developing periodontal disease. Likewise, some research has suggested that individuals with gum problems may be more likely to develop chronic conditions, such as diabetes.


It is clear, however, that periodontal disease could impact your oral health and ability to maintain a strong set of teeth. Diseased gums could begin to wear away, loosening your teeth and causing them to fall out.

If you are experiencing pain when you brush around your gums or seeing blood in the sink after brushing, you should contact Dr. Akin by calling our office. Let us help you address your gum problems so you do not have to worry about how they may affect the rest of your body.