Advancements in technology allow dentists to offer their patients improved oral health care and diagnostic services. If you are in the market for a new dentist or periodontist, be sure to select a doctor who values technology. Why is it so important to find a periodontist in Nashville, TN, who provides innovative dentistry methods? While traditional dental procedures may still be effective, they may, for example, also be more invasive or require longer recovery periods than their “advanced technology” counterparts. With today’s innovative procedures, you can realize numerous advantages of comfort, convenience, and health.
How Advanced Dental Technology Improves Your Life

  • Faster, Safer Diagnostic Abilities: Remember the film strips that were used to take x-rays? You might sit in the chair for 10 minutes, just waiting to see if the x-rays needed to be retaken after they developed. Now x-rays can provide digital images and intraoral cameras allow you to see what your periodontist sees. Additionally, with CT Scans and Cone Beam technology, doctors can generate 3D images of your entire mouth in mere seconds.
      • Dramatically lowers your risk of exposure to radiation
      • Provides exceptional high definition images
      • Requires less time per appointment
  • Improved Health and Comfort: Gum surgery for patients who have periodontal disease, for example, is traditionally performed with scalpels. It is an effective method for clearing away bacteria and infected tissue. Advanced technology has provided a laser alternative. Laser assisted gum surgery is not only performed without scalpels or incisions by your periodontist in Nashville, TN, it is the only method that can regenerate bone lost to periodontitis, improving your oral health. Piezosurgery is another innovation that cuts through bone without vibration, affording a substitute to dental drills.
      • Faster recovery times
      • Less pain and discomfort
      • Improved results in both the short term and long term
      • Preserves more of your healthy gum tissue and bone
      • Less invasive for those who suffer from dental anxiety

If you would like to learn more about advanced dental technology, contact the Nashville Periodontal Group. Our doctors would be happy to answer any of your questions. Call our office to schedule your consultation today.