Missing teeth in Nashville, TN can have broad consequences for patients—physically and emotionally. Without teeth, it can be difficult to eat and chew, speak clearly, and find confidence socializing. Sometimes, missing teeth can even cause other teeth to shift in your mouth leading to pain or discomfort. Are you suffering from tooth loss and feel like this explains you? The good news is that you can replace missing teeth with dental implants! Read our implants questionnaire below:

Dental Implants Questionnaire

  1. Have you lost one or more teeth?
  2. Do your dentures or partials cause discomfort or pain?
  3. Are you embarrassed to smile due to spaces or gaps in your teeth?
  4. Is it difficult or painful to eat and chew foods?
  5. Do existing teeth seem to be shifting out of place?
  6. Have missing teeth affected your social life or confidence?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for dental implants! Unlike removable options like dentures or partials, dental implants are permanently secured right in your jaw bone like natural teeth. The primary benefit of implants is that they mimic natural teeth so closely. By being secured into the jaw, they help preserve the bone, which keeps other teeth from shifting and keeps your youthful appearance. This also restores your ability to eat hard, tough, or chewy foods with comfort and ensures that you are chewing foods thoroughly for proper digestion and better overall health. When restored by a cosmetic dentist, dental implants provide aesthetic results, improving the appearance of your smile, too.

Our periodontists at Nashville Periodontal Group specialize in tooth replacement using dental implants. With decades of experience, our team have helped thousands of patients replace their missing teeth in Nashville, TN with implant solutions. We welcome all patients with missing teeth looking to improve their smiles and confidence. Contact our office for a consultation today!