Ever wonder how safe and predictable dental implant surgery is? Dental implants in Nashville, TN are the gold standard of tooth replacement, so it’s important that their placement is done right. At our office, Dr. Bill Akin and our team of periodontists use digital imaging technology, a CBCT machine, as part of your dental implant treatment process. This technology has many benefits for both our doctors and patients, including:

  1. Implant selection. A CBCT gives a 3D digital image of the interior of the mouth. This lets us see how much room is available where the tooth is missing so we can choose the best implant post size for the area.
  2. Prevent injury. The nerve that runs parallel with the lower jaw is visible in CBCT scans. Knowing the location of this nerve is critical in treatment planning so that dental implants placed in the lower jaw do not interfere and cause injury.
  3. Avoid sinus cavities. The sinus cavity rests just above the upper jaw. Tooth loss in this area that causes the jaw to shrink makes it dangerous to place an implant. Using CBCT data, bone can be accurately assessed in case a sinus lift is needed before an implant is placed in the area.
  4. Accurate orientation. With the 3D data from the CBCT, the most accurate angle of the dental implant post can be determined before surgery. A more accurate implant orientation ensures that the final restoration is in the most aesthetic position next to existing teeth and gums.
  5. Precision placement. Such digital diagnostics as the CBCT aid in planning precisely where each implant is placed into your jaw. This way, you can be assured that the implant is secured in the best location and in a place with enough bone for its long-term success.

Dental implants in Nashville, TN are certainly most patients’ best solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. They permanently restore function and aesthetics for long-lasting health benefits and an improved quality of life. Dr. Bill Akin and our team of periodontists at Nashville Periodontal Group are excited to help you discover the benefits of CBCT technology and dental implants

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