If you are suffering from tooth and bone loss, you may be in extreme pain, dealing with embarrassment, and struggling with eating foods and speech. Nashville Periodontal Group and their team is available to help if you are in this situation. 


There are a number of reasons you may be dealing with tooth and bone loss that may seem obscure to you. Here is a rundown of what may be the cause, and how you can find a solution, with the help of Dr. Akin.


One reason you may be suffering is because of teeth misalignment. If your dentition is not in use, by regular chewing stimulation or speech, your teeth can become loose. If this is the case, and your teeth become structurally deficient, you may lose not only the tooth but the jaw bone as well. Losing teeth effects the jaw bone density, but can also cause your remaining teeth to shift, which could initiate more issues. 


Another issue that is caused by tooth and bone loss is facial structure. When you are not consistently using your teeth, which then uses the bone, your facial structure can begin to wither. When this occurs, your face begins to appear sunken in and distorted. 


Without teeth, your diet begins to change. When you cannot bite and chew through tougher foods, then you are restricted to only soft foods that do not require teeth or bone stimulation. Without proper diet, your nutritional needs are not met, which will affect your overall body health.


If you are dealing with these issues, you are not stuck. It is important you contact your doctor for help. If you are in this situation, your solution may be to get dental implants or undergo bone and soft tissue grafting. All of these dental treatments will regain your ability to chew, fix your facial structure and help hold the teeth permanently in place. 


Take charge of your oral health. Contact Nashville Periodontal Group for help with tooth and bone loss. Dr. Akin and the whole team will be able to help you through all of your dental needs.