Leave dental anxiety behind with IV sedation in Nashville, TN!


Dental fear or anxiety can be a serious concern for many patients. Being worried about your upcoming procedure or being afraid of visiting the dentist or periodontist due to bad past experiences can lead many patients to put off their important dental care. However, dental problems typically don’t get better on their own, and putting them off will just make things get worse in the future. This is why Drs. Bill and Will Akin and our team at Nashville Periodontal Group offer advanced IV sedation in Nashville, TN. IV sedation, when used by a skilled periodontist during treatment, can help even the most anxious or fearful of patients get the care they need. Below, you’ll find our top four benefits of choosing IV sedation for your next dental need.

Top 4 Benefits of IV Sedation

  1. Quick to Take Effect
    • When administered, IV sedation starts taking effect almost immediately. This means you won’t have to sit in fear or apprehension while our periodontists get ready for your treatment. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxed and in a sleep-like state. Once the effects wear off, your dental appointment will be completed!
  2. Deep Level of Relaxation
    • ​IV sedation offers a highly relaxing appointment. Most patients find that they fall into a sleep-like trance and do not remember much, if any, of their procedure. This helps them feel calm even if they are having a major surgery like dental implants. Our periodontists typically use IV sedation for those with moderate to severe dental anxiety for this reason.
  3. Allows More Dental Work to be Completed at Once
    • ​When you are so completely relaxed, dental professionals are able to work quickly and efficiently. When you are under the effects of IV sedation, you won’t be too anxious or unable to sit still. This means doctors can fully perform most treatments without having you come back for re-treatment to finish the work.
  4. Improved Sedation Control
    • Unlike oral sedation, IV sedation is controlled and tailored to your specific needs as you’re receiving it. Your breathing, heart rate and health is monitored at all times and the sedation level is adjusted as you need it. This also helps us to wake you up after your procedure is complete. You’ll “awaken” easier and feel less groggy with IV sedation.

Do You Want to Experience Fearless Dentistry?

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