Dental implants can help you regain all the beauty, strength, and function of a healthy set of teeth after tooth loss. More than an investment in your smile, they’re an investment in your quality of life. With them you can enjoy a more satisfying diet, carefree smiles and laughter, and renewed confidence. If you wish to experience all these benefits, it’s important that you not settle for cheap dental implants. Quality materials are key, as are strong credentials for your implant provider. You should always choose a reputable periodontist in Nashville, TN for implant placement.

With over 40 years of experience in dental implant placement, periodontist Dr. Bill Akin is an authority in the field. Few are better qualified to explain the risks of cheap dental implants, all of which can result in more discomfort, chair time, and expense for you:

  1. Implant Failure. After placement, implants gradually and permanently fuse with your jawbone—a process called osseointegration. Dental implants of poor quality may fail within the first few weeks after placement.
  2. Implant Breakdown. Dental implants made of inferior materials are more prone to breaking or fracturing.
  3. Damage to Surrounding Teeth. Cheap dental implants can endanger surrounding healthy teeth, requiring you to undergo further unplanned treatment.
  4. Inflammatory Fibrous Hyperplasia. Dental implants that have been improperly fitted by an underqualified dental professional can cause a type of inflammation known as hyperplasia. It’s critical not only to have quality materials but quality care from a proven periodontist for a lasting, healthy smile with dental implants.
  5. Sinus Cavity Damage. Poorly designed or placed upper arch dental implants have the potential to puncture the sinus cavities, resulting in severe headaches, tingling, and other complications.
  6. Nerve Damage. Again, poor design or placement of a dental implant can lead to nerve damage. Remember, there are many nerves in your jawbone; a skilled periodontist can provide dental implants without causing damage to nerves in the area.

Need Implants? Avoid Second-Rate Materials and Care!
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