If you think that children are the only people afraid of visiting the dentist, think again. A large number of folks associate dental procedures with pain, fear, anxiety, and even feelings of distress. Eliminating dental fear, or at least reducing it, can be achieved through a variety of ways. One of the more popular and most effective ways is through the use of sedation. Different methods are used to numb, calm, and relax patients for a more enjoyable, soothing, and positive experience.

With sedation dentistry in Nashville, TN, you can eliminate much of the dental fear you may feel when the time comes to get an oral procedure. Here are just some of the ways that sedation can provide comfort and relief.

Reduction of Distress

Much dental anxiety can result from distress related to a fear of needles, sounds, smells, and movements associated with most oral procedures. Sedation takes the edge off of this by allowing patients to receive treatment without having to observe or feel firsthand what is going on.

Numbness of Feeling

For folks who are fearful because their mouth is extra sensitive, sedation dentistry provides a variety of methods that can provide numbing so you feel practically nothing. Some of these anesthetic methods are:

  • Oral
  • Intravenous
  • Local

Abandonment of Fear and Embarrassment

Some people experience anxiety because they are worried about their ever-nagging gag reflex, or perhaps they are self-conscious about their teeth and mouth. If you experience fear associated with embarrassment, you will feel much more at ease and not as prone to worry no matter the sedation method you decide on.

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