This month, it is important to understand the risks related to Type 2 diabetes. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and health care providers may work together to help educate patients about the risk factors for this disease. If you are concerned about your diabetes risk, or if you currently have diabetes, it is essential that your dental care provider works with you when providing treatment. The Nashville Periodontal Group is committed to providing individualized dental care and services like gum disease treatment for those with diabetes in Nashville, TN or other health concerns.


Factors That Increase Your Risk

 The risk of developing diabetes can be reduced if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods that are not good for you, being overweight and not exercising are some of the factors that could lead to a diagnosis of diabetes when you get older. Another big risk factor is if you have a family history of diabetes.


Your Gum Health and Diabetes

 If you develop diabetes, you must let your dental care provider know so we can adjust your treatment. We want to ensure that your gums and mouth are healthy. Some people with chronic health conditions may have more symptoms of periodontal disease like bleeding gums, tenderness, swelling or mouth pain.


What a Periodontist Can Do

 At our office, we specialize in treating diseased gums. We also have a wide range of experience with patients who have additional health problems that lead to problems with their oral health. We can give you advice about the next steps to take if you are concerned about your gums health and the look of your teeth.


Contact our offices today to find out more about the reasons why diabetic patients or people with other health problems should pay special attention to their gums. The doctors at the Nashville Periodontal Group want your year to end on a healthy note.