Sinus lifts are typically performed after some measure of bone loss has occurred in the upper jaw. When bone is lost under the sinus cavity, the sinus membrane can sink and fill the empty space. A sinus lift is a method of raising the membrane and restoring the lost bone with a graft. Why would your periodontist recommend a sinus lift? Typically, these are performed to restore bone density after prolonged gum disease or to augment bone before a procedure to place dental implants in Nashville, TN.

What to Expect from Sinus Lift Surgery

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. General anesthetic is not usually necessary. An incision is made to access the bone at the treatment site, at which point your doctor will cut the bone and raise it until the sinus membrane is in proper position. Your doctor will then fill the newly created space with bone grafting material, collected from you or from a bone bank. It can take up to nine months for the new bone to integrate with the existing bone.

Would You Benefit from a Sinus Lift?


  • You have lost a significant amount of bone under the sinus membrane.
  • You are interested in dental implants to replace missing teeth and do not have sufficient amounts of bone for the implants to fuse properly.
  • You would like dental implants but have a small jaw or large sinus cavity.


If you have been told that you need bone grafting to increase bone volume or if you are considering dental implants in Nashville, TN, call our office to schedule a consultation with the doctors at the Nashville Periodontal Group. Our periodontists have extensive experience with sinus lifts and implant dentistry and can help you arrive at the right treatments to improve your oral health.