When you think of lasers the first thing that comto mind is most likely outer space battles and , right? Well, what if I told you lasers are   used for oral procedures in today's dental . This type of dentistry is typically referred as laser dentistry. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the benefits of laser dentistry and how it can help enhance your smile. 

What is laser

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive treatment option for those dealing with gum disease, cavities, and other oral complications. Typically, there are two main types of lasers that dentists use for oral procedures, one dealing with hard tissue problems and the other dealing with soft tissue problems. Laser dentistry dealing with hard tissue cases  in procedures for detecting cavities and dealing with tooth sensitivity or preparing your teeth for a dental filling. Soft tissue lasers typically deal with procedures such as crown lengthening, reshaping the gums to create a more pleasing smile, and removing folds from underneath your gums that have been infected or inflamed. 


Benefits of laser dentistry

More and more dentists are choosing to utilize laser dentistry because of his distinct benefits that help procedures go smoother and reduce the discomfort felt by patients during their procedure and recovery.


Other benefits include: 


  • likely to require stitches

  • Procedures are less likely to use anesthesia

  • The laser eliminates infections of the gums are also sterilizing the area in which the infection stems from

  • Less damage sustained do your gums creating a faster healing time

  • There is a substantially less amount of blood loss during this treatment compared to traditional surgical options. 


The future

Although laser dentistry has utilized years its rise in popularity and unmatched potential in oral treatments makes it an ideal candidate for dental procedures beyond what is used today. Contact our offices   Nashville, TN, and Brentwood, TN to get more information on this innovative dentistry method and stay up-to-date with   and laser dentistry. Also, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Akin to see if laser dentistry is right for you.