Most of your average dental needs can be met by a general dentist, but what happens when they can’t?

If you start showing signs of gum disease, it’s time to call a professional Nashville, TN periodontist like Dr. Bill Akin. As an experienced specialist, Dr. Akin can better address your periodontal needs by diagnosing, preventing and treating gum disease and help you maintain a healthy, beautiful and functional smile. 

But before you come into an office for your appointment, you should be prepared with these top five questions to ask your new periodontist:

1. What classes, conferences and workshops have you attended?
You want to feel confident you’re in skilled and experienced hands to get the highest quality care. Every periodontist is required to obtain a higher level of education before they begin practice, but continuing education is what keeps them up-to-date on the latest dental techniques and technologies. 

2. What will be involved with my treatment plan?
Before you commit to a treatment plan, you want to understand what your periodontist will be doing to your mouth and teeth. Scaling and root planning, laser dentistry and other periodontal procedures can all be effective gum disease treatments. 

3. Do you have solutions for patients with dental fear or anxiety?
If the thought of getting periodontal care for your gum disease makes you anxious or afraid, ask about solutions to help you overcome dental fear or anxiety. Sedation dentistry is an ideal solution that helps countless patients feel relaxed and comfortable to get the treatment they need. 

4. May I see before-and-after pictures?
Before-and-after pictures are a great way to determine whether the treatment you’re agreeing to will be able to get the results you need for a healthy smile. 

5. How long will I need to wait for an appointment?
When you’re in pain, you want an appointment as soon as possible. Check to make sure your periodontist can provide you with an appointment date and time that meets your needs. 

If you’re struggling with the effects of gum disease, it’s time to call your periodontist in Nashville, TN, Dr. Akin. Schedule your appointment today!