Gum disease is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans and can have long-term health effects if not treated quickly and effectively. Traditionally, gum surgery has been necessary to treat the condition, but new technology allows for a less-invasive, easier way to treat gum disease. The benefits of laser gum disease treatment are many, and Dr. Akin is proud to offer them to his patients.


Reasons to Choose Laser Treatment


As with most laser treatments, the laser does the cutting, replacing the scalpel and sutures with something much less painful. Laser treatment doesn’t cut into the gums at all, and the laser can recognize healthy tissue over diseased tissue and preserves more of your gums than a periodontist performing traditional surgery could.


Laser treatment is shorter than traditional surgery and only takes a few two-hour visits to complete. You will have follow up appointments after treatment, but patients report that laser treatment is more comfortable and less painful both during and after the treatment. Because sutures are used in traditional surgery, more follow-up visits are needed to remove them and check on the progress.


This is the less-invasive treatment option, which means a shorter recovery time. Traditional surgery requires a 2 to 4 week recovery time with considerable pain and swelling. Those who opt for laser treatment often feel better within 24 hours. Some even return to work as soon as their appointment is over.


Those with health concerns like HIV, diabetes or hemophilia are often unable to have traditional surgery, along with those who are taking certain medications. Laser surgery is a valid option for almost all who need treatment for gum disease because there is no cutting and no concerns about blood.


Improve Your Gums Today


There is no need to fear painful, surgical treatment to rid your mouth of gum disease. At Nashville Periodontal Group, we are here to answer any questions you have about this process. Call us today to schedule an appointment.