You are probably familiar with the oral care rules: brush twice daily, floss at least once per day, schedule professional cleanings and yearly exams with your periodontist in Nashville, TN. When we neglect this simple routine, we become susceptible to a host of predictable dental health problems.

Should You See a Periodontist for One of These Common Oral Conditions?

  1. Cavities: It’s no surprise that one of the most common conditions is tooth decay. People of all ages get cavities, from young to old.
    Prevention: In addition to following an excellent oral care regimen, avoiding junk food and sodas is an important factor in protecting dental health.


  1. Bad Breath: For people with halitosis, bad breath is a chronic problem, brought on by cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, or even dry mouth caused by prescription medicine.
    Prevention: Follow a good oral care routine and visit your periodontist to have the source discovered and treated.


  1. Gum Disease: The majority of people suffer from some form of this periodontal infection that causes gum inflammation. The bacteria that live in your mouth, if not cleared away regularly, can infect your gums, wreaking havoc on your smile. The first sign is swollen or bleeding gums.
    Prevention: Floss every day! Follow an excellent oral care regimen and if you see bleeding gums, you should call your periodontist for treatment.


  1. Oral Cancer: This potentially deadly disease is curable when detected early. Signs include rough patches, sores, bumps, and changes in the way your tongue feels when you chew or swallow.
    Prevention: Avoid cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and alcohol. HPV has also been found to increase the likelihood of oral cancer. Have your periodontist perform annual screenings.


  1. Tooth Sensitivity: Sensitivity, to hot or cold, is a surprisingly common condition. It can be the result of gum disease, a cracked or abscessed tooth, or in some cases, over the counter teeth whitening products.
    Prevention: Take care of your teeth and gums. Be sure to consult your periodontist if you feel pain or if you are using any new dental health products that you are not sure of.

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile, your periodontist is a partner in your oral health. If you are experiencing any adverse symptoms, such as bleeding gums or bad breath, schedule a visit to Dr. Will Akin, your periodontist in Nashville, TN.