Many people recognize that the smile plays an important role in how they feel and interact with others. It can be your source of confidence or make you too embarrassed to smile, talk, or laugh openly. Have you ever heard of “periodontal plastic surgery”? This is just a fancy term for crown lengthening or a “gum lift”, a procedure your periodontist uses to fix a gummy smile in Nashville, TN. In fact, our periodontists at Nashville Periodontal Group complete these virtually painless procedures on a regular basis, helping patients find confidence in the natural beauty of their smiles!


The Gummy Smile Fix

When too much gum tissue covers over the visible tooth crowns, it creates an unbalanced look, often making the teeth appear short or worn down. Treating a gummy smile in Nashville, TN is as simple as removing the excess gum tissue (and sometimes excess bone tissue) to expose more of the natural tooth crown. When completed for the entire smile, this creates a more aesthetic tooth-to-gum ratio and a more naturally beautiful smile and is commonly done in a single appointment with our periodontist.


Gum Lifts: Not Just Cosmetic

Occasionally, our periodontist will recommend crown lengthening if you have a tooth with functional concerns. If a crack or decay exists below the gumline and cannot be reached, the gum tissue must be removed from the tooth crown to gain access to the area. Similarly, sometimes too much gum tissue is present around the tooth and will interfere with the proper fit of a dental crown or bridge. In these instances, the gum tissue and bone are reshaped around the tooth so that functional or restorative treatment can be completed and your smile returned to proper health and beauty.


Enhance Your Smile Today

If you have a gummy smile in Nashville, TN, seek the care of our skilled periodontists. We have years of experience in periodontal plastic surgery procedures and as gum experts, are trained exclusively in treatments related to your soft tissue. Contact us today to meet with our periodontist!