One of the most common questions we are asked at Nashville Periodontal Group, is what the overall dental implant cost is when missing teeth need to be replaced. This is a difficult question for us to answer, as each implant case is unique to every patient. Dental implant cost in Nashville, TN is best determined by scheduling an in-office consultation with our team of periodontists so that your mouth can be evaluated, questions answered, and your goals heard. However, we can provide you with some information on the factors that influence the overall dental implant cost. Check out this infographic below so you can better understand what impacts your treatment.



A Deeper Look at the Cost of Implants
While the above infographic touches on the most common and easy to understand points of what influences the dental implant cost, some patients want a little more in-depth information. For those that want more information, read on!

  • Type of Implant Procedure – Even individual dental implants can vary in overall cost, as some allow for an immediate temporary prosthesis to be attached, while others require the mouth the heal before a crown is put on. Additionally, implant bridges or full mouth dental implants are used to replace multiple missing teeth, and greatly affect the overall cost when compared to an individual implant.
  • Preliminary Imaging – Before implants can even be placed, highly detailed scans of your mouth will need to be performed with advanced technology like cone beam CT scanners. These scans show our periodontists the location of nerves, existing tooth roots and jaw bone volume, helping during the treatment planning. These scans are necessary for safe and quick implant surgery.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – In order to have a successful implant procedure, the mouth will need to be free of disease. And since gum disease is so common, we often see patients who need to have the disease cleansed before treatment can begin. This improves the success rate and healing of implant surgery.
  • Expertise of Your Surgeons – Dental implants are an advanced surgical procedure and require in-depth understanding of mouth, the implants themselves and how the two interact together. As periodontists, our team is specialized in the understanding of the hard and soft tissues of the bone along with the successful placement of dental implants into the jaw. 

Want to Discover Your Dental Implant Cost? Schedule a consultation with our team at Nashville Periodontal Group by calling 615-800-3686 and find out your cost!