avoid pregnancy gingivitis by visiting the periodontist in Nashville, TN

A woman’s body goes through plenty of changes during pregnancy. Some of those changes are hormonal and can affect her teeth and gums, leaving her at greater risk for developing gingivitis. Many pregnant patients of periodontist Dr. Bill Akin of Nashville Periodontal Group in Nashville, TN make appointments early to ensure they avoid developing pregnancy-related issues with their oral health.

Why Does Gingivitis Occur During Pregnancy?

Gingivitis happens when plaque builds up on the teeth, encouraging the growth of bacteria between the teeth and gums. As the bacteria spread, they destroy healthy gum tissues. Over time, gingivitis can progress into more advanced stages of gum disease. This condition can permanently damage soft and hard tissues, and without proper management from a periodontist, advanced gum disease will lead to tooth loss.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to gingivitis because of increases in their hormone levels. The hormone fluctuations encourage plaque and bacteria growth because the human system takes longer to fight off high levels of bacteria. Most women diagnosed with pregnancy-related gingivitis are in their second trimester. However, this specific type of gingivitis has been found as early as the second month in some women, and as late as the eighth month in others.

Avoiding Gingivitis When Pregnant

The simplest way to avoid pregnancy gingivitis is to follow strict oral hygiene at home. Pregnant women should brush twice a day for at least one to two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush. They should also floss at least once, or twice if desired. If they have morning sickness, women need to rinse their mouths with water and later brush again to reduce build-up. Don’t forget one of the most important preventive measures is to tell your periodontist you are pregnant and to schedule routine appointments!

Have a Healthier Pregnancy on All Levels

Are you pregnant in Nashville, TN and wondering about the health of your teeth? Do you think you might have the warning signs of pregnancy gingivitis, such as swollen gums, bleeding gums or bad breath? Schedule your appointment with Dr. Akin today by calling (615) 800-3686.