When it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, gum health is extremely important. When your gums become infected and or you are experiencing soft tissue deterioration, gum grafting will be extremely important for you to undergo. 


Soft tissue grafting is a procedure that ensures that your gums are healthy and strong, which ensures your teeth will remain stable and you do have a lesser chance of having infection settle in. It is also a factor that when you have an improper amount of gums, your teeth may shift or loosen. Soft tissue grafting is essential if you have a receding gum line. If your gums are diminishing, more of the tooth will be exposed, which creates a susceptible area for decay and gum disease.


There are different factors that may require you to undergo a gum grafting procedure. Here are some of the different issues you may be facing that will require this treatment.


  • Receding gums

    • This is when your gum line begins to slowly wither. It is typically a slow progression, so it is important to watch your teeth. If more teeth begin to show, your gums are receding, causing your teeth stability to lessen. 

  • Dental implants

    • If you are going in for dental implants and your gums are not strong enough to hold the implant in place, your dentist may recommend soft tissue grafting. If this is the case, your dentist will add more soft tissue to the lacking locations in the mouth so your implants stay permanently in place, where they should be.

  • Tobacco use 

    • If you are a smoker or you use tobacco to pack in between the lip and gums, you may need to undergo soft tissue grafting. If you are a frequent tobacco user, you may develop gum disease, which will require your doctor to go in and remove the infected soft tissue, and replace it with the new soft tissue to ensure healthiness.


If you believe you may be in need of gum grafting, contact your dentist for more information or if you have any further questions. Your dentist and team of specialists will be able to walk you through the process of gaining oral cavity health.