Why Should You Choose Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry is beneficial for dental patients who suffer from anxiety when they think about visiting the dentist. This is because sedation can be used to relieve a patient of their anxiety and it also works to help them not avoid seeking dental treatment. Your oral health is directly connected to your overall health so it’s highly important that you are actively engaging in good oral health maintenance.


Different Types Of Sedation
There are different types of sedation all of which are designed to suit the patient’s needs. Essentially, depending on the patient’s level of comfortability of their anxiety there are different sedation options available to help ensure that they are getting the sedation option that is best for them administered.


Variety of Administration Methods

In addition to different types of sedation there are also a variety of administration methods available to assist the dentist in administering your sedation. For example, there is nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or even IV sedation. Also, the type of sedation that is administered depends on what’s best for the patient.


Sedation Works For More Than Anxiety

While sedation can be used to help patients, who are suffering from dental anxiety it can also be used to benefit patients in other ways. For example, patients who have a low tolerance for pain and any patients who have sensitive teeth, or a gag reflex can benefit from sedation being used to help with these issues.


Schedule Your Consultation

If you have been actively avoiding seeking out dental treatment due to your fear of the dentist then it would be beneficial if you reached out to our office to set up a consult to discuss your sedation options.