For a variety of reasons implant crowns can break. One of the most common causes a crack can cause is the food you eat. Strong foods, for instance, are more likely to cause a crown to break, and if you chew a strong food in the wrong manner it may result in dental injury.


However, for apparently no reason, some dental crowns can degrade with time and injury. If your dental crown cracks you can feel intense pain when you re-expose the worn-out tooth or gum. In Nashville and Brentwood,TN, you can try to arrange the dental implant reconstruction as early as you can after breaking an implant crown.

Learn About Dental Implants Restoration

Upon breaking your dental implant, you might be worried you ought to remove the whole system. We may also restore or remove your implant's tooth section without resolving your dental implant's post component. This makes it smoother and quicker for you to continue. Many patients can plan and complete the restore in a single day.


We're trying to align the crown or implant with the rest of your teeth because we want your smile to be at its finest. What other benefits would you find from this form of restoration besides enhancing your smile?

  • Hide misshapen teeth

  • Improve chewing abilities

  • Replace missing teeth

  • Mimic look and feel of natural teeth

It gets broken with time whether you have a dental implant or a dental crown. Fortunately you don't need to go through the whole thing again. Instead, if it is scratched or broken you can get your dental product fixed by us.

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When you crack your dental crown, you'll need to come in as early as possible to see Drs. Will and Bill Akin. Finding a routine that can get you in and out of the exposed tooth on the same day will greatly reduce your pain. Call our Nashville or Brentwood,TN offices today to learn more about dental implants, you can also email us online to schedule your appointment to take back your oral comfort.