August 3rd is National Get Some Nuts Day, so if you don't have all your teeth, you can't celebrate this occasion to the max. Luckily, dental implants will restore your smile and you can again enjoy your favorite foods. A dental implant includes a pin, an abutment, and a crown. The post starts to cling to the bone until it is surgically inserted in the jaw.

Instead, an abutment is mounted on top, and finally a crown is added to the abutment.  Whether you lose a tooth or a whole arch of teeth, that is why you should start replacing it with implants as soon as possible.


1.       Greater Dietary Freedom

When you are like other people,  you enjoy the flexibility of a diet. You don't want to be confined to light snacks so you don't get your teeth all over. You'll benefit from improved dental function as you obtain dental implants from a professional dentist. Which means you will once again be free to eat nuts and other hard foods.


2.       Improved Self-Confidence

Missing teeth can be humiliating, especially if they are situated near your mouth's front where others can see. Not only can implants recover your dental function but also your self-confidence. When you feel confident about yourself, the quality of life increases and you will be able to find more satisfaction in your life.


3.       Improved Oral Health

Your oral health will fail if you lose your teeth. Over time, your teeth's location can shift and allow an irregular or misaligned bite to develop. You may also start losing structure in the jaw bone because you don't have tooth roots any more to give it the strength it needs.Implants can fix both of these problems by filling in gaps so your teeth don’t shift and stimulating the jaw bone so it doesn’t lose density.

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When you understand the advantages dental implants can provide, it's easy to see why for patients with lost teeth, they are one of the most common tooth replacement choices. Contact our pioneering dental offices at your earliest convenience to arrange a dental implant appointment with our periodontist, Drs. Will and Bill Akin in Nashville and Brentwood,TN.