Dental implants have the potential to be life-changing. If you’re missing teeth, they can allow you to eat a full, satisfying diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently again. Implants are the best overall replacement for missing teeth available today. But are they right for you? Since you should always approach any treatment as an educated patient, get answers to all your questions before committing to dental implants in Nashville, TN.

The dental professional best qualified to answer your questions and place your implants is a periodontist. With more than four decades in that field, Dr. Bill Akin wants you to know the answers to these very important questions:

1. Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?
If you have one or more missing teeth, you probably are. You may need some preparatory procedures, however.

2. How Many Visits Are Required for Implants?
Many patients are qualified to receive dental implants with functional provisional crowns in a single surgical visit. Treatment is generally a three-phase process including a consultation and examination, surgery, and final restoration.

3. Are There Other Related Procedures I Might Need?
If you have untreatable teeth that are going to be replaced by dental implants they will need to be extracted. Since implants require a strong jawbone, you will need bone grafting to rebuild it if you’ve suffered bone recession.

4. Is There a Dental Implant Specialist?
Periodontists have extensive, advanced training in dental implants and are generally acknowledged as experts in dental implant placement. 

5. How Long Do Implants Last?
With proper maintenance, dental implants can last decades. They don’t develop cavities or root canal issues the way natural teeth can.

6. Do Implants Require Special Maintenance?
No, just brush and floss regularly as you would with natural teeth and have routine checkups and professional cleanings.

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