While dentists in previous years have had to rely on obsolete methods of simply poking, prodding and observing your teeth to determine issues, modern doctors can utilize the latest advancements in technology to ensure a more accurate diagnosis and precise plan for treatment. One of the most effective tools your periodontist can utilize is a Cone Beam CT scan. Similar to a CAT scan, this machine creates a 3-D image of the throat, mouth, jaw, and teeth. You will be able to visualize nerves and soft tissues, as well as cavities and other dental concerns. Here are just a few of the issues that doctors can precisely assess with this innovative technology.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Commonly known as TMJ, this painful condition can be quickly diagnosed using a CT scan. Damage to nerves and other tissues can be assessed accordingly, allowing more effective methods of treatment to be prescribed.

Implant Dentistry

When patients require dental implants in Nashville, TN, a CT scan can provide their doctor more precision and accuracy in regards to the affected area. New developments have made it possible for the Nashville Periodontal Group to provide high-quality,
permanent tooth replacement options, without the use of dentures or bridges. By utilizing a Cone Beam scan during the procedure, they are able to ensure extra measures for even more precise accuracy.

Imaging Tooth and Bone Structure

When a patient is enduring pain, a more expedited diagnosis provides a means for faster relief. By using a CT scan, doctors are able to create accurate imagery of teeth orientation and bone structure, providing a more precise assessment on the potential cause of the patient’s concern. The origination of the concern may often be distinguished more quickly, providing treatment options which can alleviate pain for the patient in a more expedited manner.

If you require dental implants in Nashville, TN, or have any other concerns, a

Cone Beam CT scan

by the Nashville Periodontal Group may assist in providing a more precise diagnosis, allowing you to feel better in no time. Contact them today at (615) 800-3686.