Gum recession is a fairly common oral health problem that many people experience. One reason why it is so common is that it can be caused from a number of factors, including genetics, gum disease and poorly brushing your teeth. A receding gum line is very subtle at first. Most people do not even notice something is different until the tissue has pulled back too far. If you are worried about having gum recession in Nashville, TN, then you should speak with our periodontist about the symptoms.

The Signs of Gum Recession

By being aware of the warning signs, receding gums can be caught early on. If you notice any of the following additional symptoms, then you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

·         Tooth sensitivity to excessively cold and hot temperatures

·         Halitosis

·         Change in bite

·         Pus forms between gums and teeth

·         Gums turn purple or red

·         Gaps appear between teeth

·         Teeth feel loose

·         Bad taste persistently exists in mouth

·         Gums are tender when touched

·         Gums appear swollen

Checking for Gum Recession

Any of the above mentioned warning signs are a good enough reason to schedule an appointment at our periodontist’s office. You can check your gum line on your own to see if it is receding. You may not notice it casually because gums can recede over a period of several years a little bit at a time. Give your gums and teeth a thorough inspection every so often in order to see if your gums are pulling back. You can even try running a finger over your gum line. In the event your gums are receding, you should feel a small notch where the gums used to be.

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Treatments are available at our office to handle gum recession in Nashville, TN. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Akin immediately once you start experiencing the symptoms of receding gums. Call either our Nashville or Brentwood office.