Something we hear fairly often at the Nashville Periodontal Group is patients tell us they don’t floss often enough. There are people who never floss or floss incorrectly, and both these groups of individuals are at an increased risk of developing gum disease and other oral health issues. For the sake of your dental health, make sure you are flossing Nashville, TN.


What Is the Right Way?

There is more to cleaning the area between your teeth than simply sticking a strand of floss in there for a few seconds. If you want to floss the traditional way, you need to get yourself about 18 inches of floss for starters. Wrap it around your middle fingers and grasp the strand firmly with your thumbs and your forefingers. Gently guide the floss between teeth, and once you reach the gum line, curve the floss into a “C” shape against each tooth. Repeat this process for all the teeth.


Why Is Flossing Necessary?

Many people mistakenly believe that as long as they brush every day, their teeth will be fine. That is not the case. Bacteria get stuck between your teeth, and a toothbrush simply cannot reach those areas. Flossing once a day is the best way to eliminate plaque so that your teeth and gums will be in good shape the next time you visit our office.


Are Other Flossing Methods Available?

If you do not like the idea of the traditional method of flossing, there are other options! You can acquire disposable flossing picks as well as water flossers, which are great for people with braces or dental bridges. There are plenty of ways to get the healthy mouth you deserve.


Call Our Office

The professionals at the Nashville Periodontal Group are happy to assist you with any of your dental concerns, and can offer even more advice on flossing