The thought of needing serious dental work can be daunting for many reasons. First, there is the matter of finding the time to visit your periodontist and have the work done. Second, it takes time to recover from procedures. Third, there is the cost to consider. Many people think they only have the affordable option of dentures if they end up losing teeth for any reason. Drs. Bill Akin, Will Akin, and Brian West of the Nashville Periodontal Group offer denture options, but patients can also choose dental implants. While dental implant cost might at first seem expensive, here are three great reasons why this cost is less than you think.


 1. Improved Quality of Life

 Eating and speaking is difficult without your teeth. Dentures are definitely one solution. The difference between dentures and implants is that implants stay in place. They are permanent, so you do not have to remove them. You also do not have to stress about your implant falling out of place in the middle of a conversation. On top of that, implants look like your natural teeth, and your periodontist can make the crown match the color of your other teeth.

 2. Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

 It is true that dental implants cost more up front. However, you should consider that implants can last for decades or even a lifetime with the proper care. While other tooth replacement options have lower upfront costs, they tend to require replacing much sooner than implants. Implants can easily end up being more cost effective in the long run when you consider how many procedures you would need over the same amount of time with other options.

 3. Long-Term Health

 Implants are embedded into the jawbone, helping to keep the bone from deteriorating. Non-implant options lead to bone loss, which can alter the shape of the face.


Ultimately, if you are looking for tooth replacement options as close to your natural teeth as possible, talk to your periodontist in Nashville, TN, about dental implants. We have several financing options available and are here to answer any of your questions. Call Drs. Bill Akin, Will Akin, and Brian West at the Nashville Periodontal Group today