When it comes to selecting a skilled periodontist to perform LANAP® in Nashville and Brentwood, TN, you can trust the experts at Nashville Periodontal Group. Drs. Bill Akin, Will Akin and Brian West are all specially trained to provide the technology to treat gum disease and comprehensively restore your oral and periodontal health.

LANAP® Procedure and Technique

Gum disease is difficult to treat, and there are many different treatment options. Traditional procedures involve cutting gum. Now, with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) lasers eliminate bacteria without harming healthy tissue, and the gums can be reattached without the use of sutures. As the only laser gum surgery cleared by the FDA, it has been proven effective through years of scientific research studies worldwide.

Benefits and Highlights

Until now, the only successful treatments for periodontal disease included surgeries that cut the gums. LANAP® is a state of the art, revolutionary technology that enables specialists to save teeth that would have been extracted with traditional procedures. In addition to conserving gum tissues and bone, protection again bone loss, and reduction of sensitive teeth and gum, other benefits include:

    Less gum recession because very little tissue is removed, leaving the gum line intact

·         Reduced pain and discomfort as it does not harm the bone or healthy tissue

·         Stimulation of bone regrowth because the root of the tooth and surrounding bone is stimulated by laser gum surgery

·         Faster healing time due to less invasiveness and tissue reattachment without stiches

·         Safer option than traditional surgery if you suffer from hemophilia, diabetes, HIV or any other health condition in which an infection or bleeding could be fatal 

LANAP® is a non-surgical method to fix bleeding gums, eliminate persistent bad breath, reduce gum sensitivity and lessen inflammation. In addition, it can be accomplished in only four hours between two appointments as there is no cutting or stitches involved.

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