Although the adult teeth in your mouth are meant to last a lifetime, there may be certain situations where teeth may need to be extracted from your mouth. The recommendation of a tooth extraction may seem intimidating, but it may be a necessary procedure that can be completed in an efficient and simple manner, with minimal pain.

Signs it Might be Time to Have the Tooth Extracted

There are several signs that could indicate the necessity to see a periodontist in Nashville, TN, at our office, to inquire about having a tooth removed. These include some of the following:

  • One of your teeth is currently suffering from extreme decay or infection.
  • More room in your mouth deems to be required in order for you to receive orthodontic treatment.
  • Your gums have been become severely infected.
  • One of your teeth cannot be restored back to its former healthy condition.
  • The wisdom teeth in your mouth have become impacted and need to be removed.

Most commonly, however, we remove teeth that have become extensively damaged due to decay or trauma. 

What to Expect During the Procedure

Having a tooth extracted from your mouth should no longer be a concern. Knowing what to expect during the procedure may help you feel reassured about what will occur during your visit. When a tooth is extracted from your mouth, any excessive bone or gum tissue that is covering the tooth will be removed. The tooth will then be loosened and removed from your mouth. In many situations, use of a general anesthetic will assist to alleviate any associated pain.

It is important to keep in mind that tooth extraction

is only used in cases where no other options are available for tooth preservation. If you would like to know more about tooth extractions and when they are necessary, please contact our office by calling (615) 800-3686.