Losing your teeth may be a progressive disadvantage associated with age, or situational occurrences such as an injury or accident. The loss of a few teeth does not indicate you have to stop eating the foods you love or experiencing life the way you did, when you had a full set of healthy teeth. If you are considering treatments such as dental implants in Nashville, TN, from the Nashville Periodontal Group, All-on-4™ could be an ideal option for you.

Eat the Foods You Love

All-on-4™ uses four strategically placed implants in your jaw, holding the dentures in place. This keeps your dentures secured accordingly so that you may eat the foods you love. It is not necessary to accommodate the types of foods you eat, out of fear that your dentures will fall out. The procedure has a high rate of success, minimal recovery time, and may prove to be an ideal solution for those with low bone density.

Feel More Secure

These implants do not necessitate the use of strips or bonding paste to keep dentures in place, creating a more secure grip, while also making them less likely to fall out for any given reason. The top of the implants feature a ball-like structure that attaches to the denture piece, keeping everything in place until removal.

Clean Them Easily

Because you can essentially use the dentures in the same functionality as your natural teeth, cleaning them is just as convenient. This provides easy maintenance for proper care.  

Are They the Right Choice?

If you have missing teeth and are looking for solutions, the Nashville Periodontal Group can help you explore your options. Although All-on-4™ may seem like an ideal choice, there may be a different solution better suited to your needs. These implants are an optimal choice for qualified patients, so consult with your periodontist first to determine if they are ideal for you. To schedule an appointment, call (615) 800-3686 today.