If you have missing or broken teeth and do not feel good about the way you look, there is no reason to continue life that way. Fortunately, there are simple options to replace missing teeth to ensure that you get the smile you’ve always wanted. What many do not know is that missing teeth is not just about aesthetics; there are legitimate risks and consequences for not replacing teeth when they are lost.

The most common options to replace missing teeth are tooth implants and dentures. Making the choice about what is right for you is a matter of meeting with a specialist and understanding your options. While dentures are a viable treatment option, implants offer some unique benefits.

A More Natural Smile

When you choose dental implants, the teeth are completely replaced down to the root. This means that your jawbone is protected and preserved, and your mouth retains its natural shape. Implants give you a more natural looking smile.

No Food Limits

One of the benefits of dentures is that they can be removed, but this means you are limited in some things you can eat. Since implants are placed directly into the jawbone, you are free to eat whatever you want without worrying about your teeth slipping or falling out during meals.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Since dental implants closely mimic your natural teeth, caring for them is simple. Regular brushing, flossing, dental exams and cleanings will ensure that you stave off any gum disease and potential problems with your teeth.

While dentures must be removed, cleaned and maintained regularly, implants remain in your mouth, and can be treated and cleaned as natural teeth.

Increased Confidence

If you are concerned about dentures falling out or slipping while you are eating or speaking, dental implants in Nashville TN are a valuable alternative for missing teeth. Because they are implanted in the bone, implants will not shift during regular activities, which can give you the confidence you need to love your smile again.

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