Dentures have often been regarded as the reliable solution for people who have missing teeth. Periodontists at Nashville Periodontal Group now offer innovative advances in technology to improve oral health. Since September is recognized as National Improvement Month, it is an ideal opportunity to learn more about dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent replacement solution for missing teeth. Living with missing teeth is not something of which to be accustomed. Although it is common misconception that the utility of teeth is simply to speak and consume food, teeth play a far more important and diverse role.

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Each tooth inside of your mouth helps to strengthen your jaw by retaining your facial structure; teeth play a vital role, as an extension of the jaw bone. When one or multiple teeth are missing, the bone tissue inside of your mouth begins to deteriorate. A reduction in bone tissue within your mouth causes the following to occur:

  •          Bite alignment issues
  •          Speech and eating habit changes
  •          Smaller jaw line resulting in a thinner face, alteration of facial features
  •          Choosing dentures requires readjustments periodically
  •          Increased risk of losing more teeth
  •          Increased risk of future dental issues

Jaw bone deterioration can be prevented by replacing the missing tooth or teeth with dental implants in Nashville, TN.

Implants Are a Better Choice

Dentures may be an appealing dental prosthetic choice, for the mere convenience that they can be worn at any time with ease. However, their mere convenience also falters with their ability to fall out of position at any given time, increasing the chance of embarrassing clicking sounds or a lost dental prosthetic. These are just a few reasons why dental implants may prove to be a better choice, for those afflicted by missing teeth.

Implants may be used to replace missing teeth in a more efficient way. Implants are surgically implanted below the jaw line to prevent bone tissue loss. By preventing bone loss, more healthy teeth can be preserved, ensuring the jaw structure remains intact.

If you or someone you know has dentures and may be interested in replacing them with dental implants, contact Nashville Periodontal Group at (615) 800-3686 to schedule an appointment.