Patients who are fighting gum disease know they need all the help they can get. When you are doing your best but you aren’t gaining ground, advanced treatments can clean infected tissue and preserve your teeth, preventing the advance of your condition and allowing you the space you need to begin healing. For many patients, these treatments make the difference in their fight, allowing them to put their oral health back on track and keep it there. While there are a couple approaches to cleaning infected tissue, laser gum disease treatment offers patients many benefits over traditional techniques.

What You Gain From Laser Treatment

Only laser cleaning methods are precise enough too target all the infected tissue without damaging of the healthy gum tissues nearby. This is accomplished with a laser that is calibrated in such a way that your healthy tissue resists its effects. On top of its precision, this method is also pain-free, making it the preferred option for your periodontist in Brentwood, TN.

How Laser Gum Treatment Fits Into a Bigger Treatment Plan

Treating gum disease involves several techniques the doctor and patient have to use together to remove infected tissue, improve the patient’s health to allow damaged tissue to recover, and prevent the recurrence of symptoms. That process requires a few steps:

  • Regular periodontal cleanings to inspect your gums and prevent the recurrence of infection
  • Laser gum treatments to remove infected tissue when patients relapse
  • Restoration treatments for patients who have lost significant tissue to receding gums, including treatments to replace missing teeth
  • Frequently, antibiotics are also prescribed to help control the infection

You may need all of these steps or just one, depending on your condition when you are diagnosed and your response to early treatment.

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