Losing a tooth as an adult is embarrassing and problematic, so it is important to replace lost teeth so you can talk and eat normally, restore self-confidence and improve aesthetics. Your restoration solutions include choosing either dentures or dental implants in Nashville, TN. Deciding which one is the best choice for you can be overwhelming. We can help make your choice a little clearer.
Factors to Consider
Removable partial and full dentures replace missing teeth as well as some of the gum tissue. A dental implant is supported by a titanium post inserted into your jawbone. By replacing the root of your missing tooth, it creates an anchor to hold the replacement tooth. While both dentures and dental implants add a degree of functionality and look similar to your natural teeth, a few of the differences to consider include:
Durability. Properly cared for dental implants can last for decades, perhaps even a lifetime. The result is lower costs over the long term. Dentures require replacement on a more frequent basis.
Oral hygiene. Dentures need to be cleaned daily. However, you can maintain dental implants by continuing your normal brushing and flossing routine.
Long-term oral health. Dental implants preserve bone and stimulate gum tissue to prevent shrinkage. This reduces the risk of losing additional teeth. Dentures can accelerate bone loss by placing too much pressure on the bone and gums.
Dentures may seem to be a less expensive option initially, but dental implants are a long-term, cost-effective choice to consider.
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