Hearing the word surgery can sometimes cause people to feel a little more anxious or stressed out. , but here at the Nashville Periodontal Group, we want you to feel confident and comfortable during your dental implant surgery to replace missing teeth.

We know you may be feeling nervous before your surgery, but the truth is you are in excellent hands with our skilled and experienced dental providers, the top professionals offering dental implants in Nashville, TN. Here are reasons why you will not have to worry about your implant surgery at our office.

High-Tech and Precise Procedure

One thing that may help you feel better is the fact that dental implant surgery is a relatively minor and routine procedure. Our office uses the latest high-tech tools to help us perform this procedure quickly and accurately. You can feel confident you are getting the best possible care with the leading dental care experts in this practice.

Minimized Pain and Discomfort

In many cases, our patients experience minimal pain and discomfort after the procedure. It is common to only use a mild pain reliever to help with the pain after your implant surgery. You can forget about messy stitches, weeks of pain or other problematic side effects that used to be a problem with dental procedures of the past.

No Need for General Anesthetic

Another reason to relax is you most likely will not need a general anesthetic during your procedure. Our office can perform the surgery using a local numbing medication so you are awake and comfortable during the process. In some cases, we can provide an additional anti-anxiety or sedative medication as well if you prefer.

Getting your smile back is possible with our advanced dental implant surgery procedure. Call us today and talk to our dedicated staff to get more information about how this surgery could change your life.