Summer is almost here, and that means wedding season. All brides want to look their best in the photos that will be taken to commemorate the big day, and that includes making sure your smile shines. Our office specializes in the treatment and prevention of gum disease in Brentwood, TN. We use the most current dental technologies, such as laser gum surgery, in our relaxing and calm environment to make your teeth look their best for your special event.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease


Gum disease is preventable, but even adults who practice perfect oral hygiene at home still need periodontal maintenance from a periodontist. The bacteria which causes plaque and decay on the teeth hides in small places that can easily be missed by regular brushing and flossing. However, if you are one of the millions of adults that have neglected your teeth, there are treatment options before your wedding day to get that beautiful smile:


  • Scaling and root planning - an extensive cleaning procedure to restore your gums and teeth

  • Periodontal plastic surgery - cosmetic procedures which can enhance the smile

  • Gingivectomy - a procedure which reshapes loose gum tissue to reduce the depth of the pockets within the gum lines

  • Laser gum surgery - a procedure that is done under anesthetic to promote regeneration of the tissue and bone, and to make the calculus easier to remove. There is no damage to the healthy tissue in the mouth and no stitches.


Do Not Wait to Make Your Appointment


Your wedding might be months away, but there is so much to do before the big event, you do not want to delay. Call (615) 457-8293 for an initial appointment with Dr. Bill Akin. Discuss your objectives and concerns with him to get the best treatment options for your situation. We want to help you look your best not only in your pictures on your special day, but for the rest of your life.