In addition to leading to a more unattractive appearance, a gummy smile can also be detrimental to your oral health. Nashville Periodontal Group performs crown lengthening in Nashville, TN, to improve appearance and overall oral health. A gummy smile is caused by excess gum tissue, and this excess tissue creates pockets that give bacteria a place to hide and thrive. These pockets need to be reduced to prevent periodontal disease and its advancement.

Patients that have severely decayed teeth, or teeth that are broken below the gum line, may also benefit from crown lengthening. Functional crown lengthening is used to expose more of the tooth's structure to support a restoration such as a crown.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

The first step to the crown lengthening procedure is to anesthetize the affected area. A local anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, the excess tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is reshaped to form a more natural smile line. Sutures and specialized bandaging are used to keep the tissue in place while it heals.

After the Crown Lengthening Procedure

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled about one to two weeks after surgery to remove the sutures and bandaging. At this time we will evaluate the healing in the area and give further instructions for optimal care of your new smile. Complete healing can take six to eight weeks, and during this time you will need to take extra care not to damage your tissue. This includes eating a softer diet and being extra careful during brushing.

The Nashville Periodontal Group gives hope to patients with a gummy smile by offering crown lengthening in Nashville, TN. You can take advantage of the services we provide by calling us at 615-457-8293 to schedule an appointment.